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Ecocem Benelux B.V. is a young and dynamic company with a clear message and with highly experienced employees who are closely involved in the dissemination / realization of our message. We have in-depth knowledge about production, quality and environmental aspects of concrete or mortar made with eco₂cem. We are happy to share this knowledge with you.


Because of our broad experience and practicality, we are able to think in terms of solutions. Solutions for our customers, engineers, prescribers and architects.


Customer support

We provide customers with expert technical support for applications of eco₂cem. We have laboratories and technical means available to work with you on the most optimal use of eco₂cem in your production process.


Support engineers and prescribers

We have broad knowledge of concrete with eco₂cem in constructions. We are aware of the advantages of eco₂cem in concrete and follow the latest developments in standards, specifications and building practices. We are happy to help you apply eco₂cem responsibly.


Support architects

The basis for durable, beautiful concrete is craftsmanship. This starts with the choice of the right materials. Eco₂cem makes concrete lighter, smoother and less susceptible to lime scale. Colors are and remain more sparkling and intensive. We would like to show you what eco₂cem affects the appearance of concrete.


Want customized advice or a sample eco₂cem, we like to help you.


Ecocem is building a clean future together.

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