Orcem is called Ecocem

By Patrick Vreeswijk , 1 July 2018 in 2018

As part of the Ecocem Holding, Orcem BV will continue to operate under the name Ecocem Benelux BV with effect from 1 July 2018.

Ecocem Benelux BV is 100% owned by Ecocem Materials Ltd., based in Dublin. And operates from its modern factory in Moerdijk.

From this factory, customers are served with ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBS) per bulk car, or by ship, both in the Benelux and in various export markets.

In order to reinforce further growth on the international market, we have opted for unambiguously internationally recognizable action, and Europe will have a wide range of corporate names and logos.

This name change also emphasizes the important position of Ecocem Benelux within the holding, as well as the international growth intent for the coming years.

Central to the Ecocem brand is the concept of high quality and precision. The new logo has been specially designed to emphasize this. The combination of the letters “eco”, the round forms that come together as one, represent the different stages within a project and evokes the image of focus and purpose. Innovation and sustainability are central to Ecocem. The slogan Innovation Powering Sustainability emphasizes this.

Rick Buiter, Managing Director of Ecocem Benelux:
“These are exciting times for the Ecocem Group. In many areas we work with our innovation teams on targeted solutions that offer our customers at home and abroad a significant advantage in the use of ground granulated blast furnace slag. Within the various segments in the construction industry we approach areas that have not yet fully exploited the advantages of this product. Topics such as Sustainability, MKI, BREEAM are becoming increasingly important within the construction chain. Ground granulated blast furnace slag is extremely suitable for good scores on these points. Whether you have a CO₂ footprint of 30 kg per tonne as with our product, or of more than 850 kg CO₂ per ton with traditional cement, that makes a huge difference. “

The new positioning of Ecocem Benelux BV is in line with the European sister companies and emphasizes the renewed focus of the group for the coming years.

Ecocem is Europe’s largest independent producer of ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBS) with a total annual capacity of approximately 2.5 million tonnes. Developments within the organization show a growing interaction within the operating companies in the Netherlands, Ireland, France, the United Kingdom and Sweden, both on the operational level as well as in the area of ​​innovation and development.

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