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Ecocem Benelux B.V., is founded in 2001 for the development and production of an environmentally friendly cementitious binder, is a subsidiary of the Irish company Ecocem Materials Limited.

In Moerdijk we mill a by-product from the steel industry, granulated blast furnace slag into a high-grade cementitious binder (eco₂cem) for use in high-quality concrete.

The concrete and mortar industry has direct and constant access to ground granulated blast furnace slag (eco₂cem). The deliveries of our basic raw materials are secured by long-term agreements.

We give you the key to choose high-quality concrete through our sustainable binder eco₂cem.


Goals is a nice word. Ecocem gives substance to this word, shows its involvement, not only to its customers and suppliers, but also to the environment. Ecocem not only feels involved, but also partly responsible. It is about sustainability, long-term relationships with both you and the environment.

At Ecocem we are very involved in what we do and with whom we work. This is evidenced by the demands we make on both ourselves and our suppliers. We take our responsibilities, not only towards you, our employees and suppliers, but also towards people and the environment. At Ecocem we do everything we can to work together pleasantly and for a long time with all parties.

Our challenge is to be and remain the best in the production, use and knowledge level of eco₂cem as a responsible and environmentally friendly binder for the concrete industry.


The concept of eco₂cem is unique. That in itself is not a quality. It only becomes interesting when you use the unique features.

Look yourself.

Environmentally friendly
Environmentally friendly: Eco₂cem delivers significant environmental performance. Almost no CO₂ is released during the production process and no primary minerals are used. In this way we make an important contribution to the Paris obligations

Eco₂cem improves the properties of concrete. Concrete becomes stronger and more durable. The concrete is more resistant to sulphate attack. Due to the denser structure, chlorides and alkalis can hardly penetrate.

Eco₂cem makes concrete lighter, smoother in color and less susceptible to effloresces. Colored concrete is more intense and sparkling in color and more durable.

Eco₂cem gives you freedom of choice. You adjust the percentage of eco₂cem to your production and product requirements. You control the strength development, durability, heat generation and other properties of the concrete.

With eco₂cem you contribute to the environment. You make strong and durable concrete structures that require less maintenance. The constructions are safe and comfortable and suitable for new environmentally friendly heating systems.

Eco₂cem, a responsible choice !!


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